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Game Composer | Sound Designer | Music Producer


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Potions: A Curious Tale
Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementation

Composed a cozy fantasy soundtrack with some folk music flair, and designed sounds for a variety of creatures and bosses. Implemented music and audio systems for the game in Wwise.

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Folly of the Wizards

Composing an adventurous and mysterious, yet lighthearted and whimsical fantasy soundtrack for this action roguelike.

Little Martian Banner Art

Little Martian
Composer, Sound Designer

Composed an ambient electronic soundtrack with chiptune elements coated in a lofi sheen. Paired this with more realistic sound design to give the world a nostalgic, retro-futuristic feel.

Scrabdackle Banner Art
Sound Designer, Audio Implementation

Designed a wide variety of sounds for the game, from creatures to magic spells and environmental ambiences. Also assisted in implementation and audio engineering tasks.

Super Dark Deception Banner Art

Super Dark Deception

Produced a series of SNES style arrangements of the Dark Deception soundtrack for this retro inspired demake.


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Music Composition


Creation of high-quality, original music for your project. This includes composing and producing the music, iterating based on feedback, and preparing the tracks for final implementation (either mixing/mastering each track as a standalone asset, or preparing stems for middleware integration).

This service is billed by the total length of the game's soundtrack, with a fixed fee per minute of finished music.

Sound Design


Designing custom sound effects, musical stingers, or environmental ambiences for your project. This includes creating the audio assets, iterating based on feedback, and delivering them in your preferred format.


This service is billed per audio asset, with a fixed fee for various sound effect types.

Audio Implementation


Implementation of the finished music and/or sound effect assets into your project. This includes either integrating the assets directly in-engine, or using middleware such as FMOD/Wwise. In the latter case, this service could also include dynamic/adaptive music strategies to further enhance the interactivity of the score.



This service is billed hourly for time spent on these tasks.


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Major Bruno is a Game Composer and Sound Designer based in Seattle, WA.


Major specializes in combining genres and styles to create original and authentic soundscapes, tailored to the unique story each game is trying to tell. They collaborate remotely with teams across the world, and enjoy wearing multiple hats to support the game from early concepts to final implementation. Having previously worked as a Software Engineer, Major brings both a creative and technical skillset to their work.

Major has been captivated by games from a young age, and some of their earliest musical influences stemmed from childhood games. Major's musical journey evolved from learning the guitar, to playing with live bands, and eventually settled into composing and music production. Today, some of their favorite game soundtracks include Hollow Knight, Hades, Chained Echoes, Gris, and Skyward Sword.


Discovering what a game "sounds like" is Major's favorite part of the creative process. It requires close collaboration with the rest of the team and is extremely rewarding. Bringing collaborators onto a project can also be daunting - Major recognizes this and strives to be a trustworthy creative partner, working to bring the team's vision of the game to life.


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Feel free to reach out with any questions, inquiries, or if you are interested in working together!

I'm happy to discuss your project and its audio needs, provide more information on my rates, or share additional music samples.

Email: major.c.bruno(at)

Discord: majorbruno

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